Wu Xiangang

    Wu Xiangang is currently the chairman of the Guizhou Seven-Star Guanmei Association and the deputy dean of the Guizhou Wenhua Painting and Calligraphy Institute. He loved the art of painting and calligraphy since childhood and went to the career of professional painters. He followed the teachings of Mr. Wu Liangyong, a famous scholar from northwestern Yunnan, and took the truth into the Song and Yuan Dynasties. He studied the Song and Yuan landscapes for a long time. He studied countless times and used ancient methods for my work. He created a large number of landscape paintings, many of which have been collected by people at home and abroad. In the painting, Wu Xiangang studied and copied many ancient paintings. The Song and Yuan landscapes had a profound influence on his creation. He also devoted himself to the exploration of the entire landscape painting in northwestern Yunnan. Wu Xiangang's understanding of the landscape in northwestern Yunnan is not a simple landscape painting. The karst landforms are rich in mountains and rivers, which embodies a unique humanistic style and embodies the spirit of one of the people. He hopes that in the future creation, he can integrate himself into the human spirit of Lushan Xiushui. Understanding and interpretation.