Wang Qizhi

    Wang Qizhi was born in 1945, Xinghua, Jiangsu, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, the deputy dean and secretary general of the Fujian Provincial People's Congress Painting and Calligraphy Institute, the executive director of the Fujian Artists Association, and a special painter of the Fujian Provincial Museum.

    In 1961, Shaoyang, Hunan learned the technique of spring bamboo carving.
    1971-1982 former Fuzhou Military Region Political Department Frontline Newspaper, Frontline Militia, Magazine Art Editor.
    The 1977 print "憩" full army art exhibition.
    In 1980, the comic strip "Lonely Hero" won the Excellent Creation Award of the Ministry of Culture.
    The 1981 comic book "Broken Bridges and Sadness" published by Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House.
    1981 comic strip "Magic Mirror" published by Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House.
    In 1982, the comic strip "The Tiger Hunt" was published by Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House.
    In 1994, the painting "The Mileage of Democracy and Legal System" was collected by the Standing Office of the National People's Congress Standing Committee.
    In August 2000, "Lin Zexu Reading Office" participated in the 50 years of winning works in Fujian Province to go to Beijing Exhibition.
    The second draft of the 2002 Chinese Painting "The Mileage of Democracy and Legal System" commemorates Mao Zedong's 60th Anniversary Art Exhibition Excellence Award at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art.
    In 2003, he went to Houston, USA to hold a joint exhibition.
    In 2004, the lacquer painting "Morning" won the Second National Minority Art Works Excellence Award.
    In 2004, he participated in the exhibitions in Fujian, Shaanxi and Taiwan.
    2006 "Small Village Vision" National Chinese Painting Exhibition Excellence Award.
    2007 Cross-Strait Nomination Exhibition.
    2010 Singapore Exhibition.

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