Seal Style

    Chinese calligraphy seal style

    Chinese Calligraphy Seal Script simplified Chinese:篆书; traditional Chinese: 篆書; pinyin: Zhuànshū is evolved during the Eastern Zhōu dynasty (770–256 BC) in the state of Qin and was imposed as the standard in gradually conquered areas. Today, this style of Chinese writing is used predominantly in seals, hence the English name. Although seals (name chops), which make a signature-like impression, are carved in wood, jade and other materials, the script itself was originally written with brush and ink on bamboo books, just like all other ancient scripts. Most people today cannot read the seal script, so it is considered an ‘ancient’ script, generally not used outside the fields of calligraphy and carved seals. However, because seals act like legal signatures in the cultures of China, and because vermillion seal impressions are a fundamental part of the presentation of works of art such as calligraphy and painting, seals and therefore seal script remain ubiquitous.

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