Peony (牡丹花) : Esteemed as one of the most exquisite flowers, the peony is a symbol for nobility, wealth and status and thus known as fuiguihua (富贵花). The peony became popular in the imperial palaces during the Sui and Tang dynasties, and earned the title of the "king of flowers." A symbol of spring, it is also used as a metaphor for female beauty and reproduction. Peonies in different colors have different meaning, red peony: I will cherish your love; pink peony: believe me; white peony; treasure yourself. Here are some of auspicious  and Fengshui Meaning of peony painting: Chinese Peony & Rock or Plum Blossom Painting: (长命富贵) a long life of abundance and respectability; Chinese Peony & Egret Painting: (一路富贵) being rich and honored all the way; Chinese Peony and Bulbul Painting: longevity with wealth and honor” or “a happy marriage; Chinese Magnolias & Peony Painting: (玉堂富贵) Full of hall of wealth & honor; Chinese Peony and Crab Apple Blossom Painting: (满堂富贵) a wish that whole family will be honored; Chinese Peony and Fish Painting: (富贵有余) achievement and fame.