Chinese hermit painting made an important contribution to the creation, development and maturation of Chinese landscape paintings. Chinese hermit is not ordinary literate people. They are erudite, know how to size up the situation, have a clear distinction between right and wrong, and good at self-select. They choose to live in the deep forest and mountains to escape secular urban novel, to explore the natural beauty and experience the value of life. Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties (魏晋南北朝) is the infancy time of Chinese landscape painting, a time when the mysterious Zen enjoys popular support. People suspect, disgust, negate the corruption reality of the society, they find the natural beauty from where they can embrace the value of life. When the hermit want to express themselves by the art, in poetry they chose write idyllic garden poems; in architecture, they chose to build gardens; in painting, they choose to painting landscape paintings. Read more

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