Orchids are collectively known in Chinese as LanHua (兰花). Orchid is a precious, magical herb which grows up in the deep mountain forest. They are highly valued for their delicate fragrance. Of all flowers, the orchid is one that has always had a moral impact on Chinese culture and society. It is a flower that has a cultivation history of over two thousand years and its first association with humanity was said to be made by Confucius. Confucius was shown to have developed a special love for the orchid from an early age. They look orchid as a flower of noble character symbolized nobleness and tenacity of character. Since the Confucian era, the orchid symbolism has been widely used in literary works. In both classic and modern literature, the plum (梅), the orchid (蘭), the chrysanthemum (菊) and the bamboo (竹) are referred to as “the noble four” (四君子) of plants. Orchids represent significantly steadfast once in love. when we focus on the endless loveliness of this flower we are able to open the flow of exotic beauty and prosperity in our lives.

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