Chinese grape painting symbolizes fruitful, feast, is a very auspicious symbol, suitable for hanging in bedroom, den or living room, in Chinese culture, grapes (葡萄) symbolizes more children and more blessings because it alway come with many individual grapes. Paintings with a big bunch of grapes implies that the owner of the painting will profit a lot with a small amount of capital invested. The idioms for this is called "一本万利" (yi ben wan li) in Chinese. It is also used as a metaphor for a healthy family relationship as grapes are firmly attached, plump and bright. The artworks we recommend on our website are mostly painted by famous painters and calligraphers in China. They are fine, vivid and lifelike with very high investment potential. Chinese grape paintings gift are suitable for many occasions such as wedding, baby shower, birthday, get well, housewarming etc,.

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